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Established in the year 2018, Codelots is an IT Consulting & Technology Services Organization, Headquartered in India. Currently, we are serving clients across Asia/Pacific, Middle East, North America and Africa. Our mission is to bridge technology and processes together across diverse sectors like Healthcare and Automobile.

Personally, we are a group of upbeat, technical and creative developers who prioritize integrity in our business relations. We strive to be excellent communicators, thinkers, and solution pioneers who are easy to understand and communicate with. We all love what we do with passion and great enthusiasm, and pledge to make your experience with us a positive one.

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Hospitality and Leisure

Health and
safety Laboratory

Our IT services provide support for the hospitality industry to address complex issues that need swift and proactive measures in operations, customer relationship management, and back office processes. Codelots is supporting Hospitality and Leisure clients remodel their technology platform to deliver unique customer experiences by integrating the best of social media, mobility, touch experience which makes it the quality of service enriching and rewarding. Today, companies are constantly vying with each other to woo consumers with a reach like never before — on their preferred websites, in their social media pages, on their mobiles, and in their living rooms. Which makes it all the more imperative that the quality of service is enriching and fulfilling.

Non-profit organization

Non-profit organization

We support Non-Profit Organizations to implement very cost-effective solutions when global economic conditions are not encouraging, a steady decline in government support demands for larger involvement of non-profitable organization. We understand that non-profit organizations eventually want to aim donors more efficiently with a tight budget constraint and use IT to transform their ideas and plan to reality.

Service Integration

Service Integration

An extensive, collaborative, way of functioning that facilitates multi-sourced IT services to operate together in the delivery of IT services that fully align with your business goals.

Payment Gatway

Payment Gatway

We are not just another company in the IT industry, we are someone who can transform your app-idea into your very own app-reality. There's a reason why Codelots is leading as a software Development Company. We are responsible for creating simple yet effective applications for our clients from all around the globe. Our team works in a step-by-step systematic manner keeping the client's perspective as a top priority at all times. Our suite of payment gateway comprises of services from Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, CCAvenue and many more. We have helped startups, medium to large-scale enterprises and even Fortune 500 companies to maximize their online presence with our services.

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Codelots has the ability to be dynamic. They adjust their team and their approach based on our needs. They've done a lot of changes, and a lot of adjustments, to be able to meet our specific needs, and that's pretty impressive for a programming team, especially one that's already in existence.

Sumant K, Hosting Company

Building a product with few bugs, an excellent design, and solid technical architecture, the team delivered on-time and even ahead of schedule. The team always responds quickly, professionally, and with thorough, detailed proposals, demonstrating their experience and skill.

Dr. Pankaj Kashyap, Child Hospital

Their development deliverables are high quality, with their value and professionalism clearly evident. They managed the project effectively using an agile approach and ensuring all requirements were met.

Chandan Kumar, Ckempharma Company

I can throw anything at them [ Codelots ], and they can build it. I've asked them to do things they've never done before, and they can figure it out. If I compare experiences with other companies I've worked with, there's no comparison.

Dr. Prity Kashyap, Prand Child Care Hospital

Challenges that were initially thought to not be feasible to achieve on the application, Codelots's team was able to research and come up with a very impressive solution. Codelots has made it clear to us that they are committed to the success of our application and continue to show their dedication to this day

Dr. Ashok Kumar, Ahinsha Hospital